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Why do running injuries occur?

Running may appear like a uncomplicated exercise to take up to increase your fitness. However, it is not quite as straightforward as it may seem with some scientific studies showing that up to three-quarters of runners experience an injury each year. Depending upon how serious that overuse injury is and how it is managed, many runners just give up and never continue to run. The causes of running injury are multifactorial however they are associated with issues for example doing too much running too quickly before letting your body to adapt to the increased degrees of running. Poor running shoes with characteristics which do not match up with those of the runners needs can be an issue. Troubles with foot biomechanics and the running technique could also be problems at increasing the chance for an injury.

A good example of a running injury is anterior compartment syndrome. There is fibrous fascia surrounding muscles that contain the muscles in place. In the event that fascia is tight, once we exercise the muscle would like to expand but that restricted fascia prevents it. That pressure inside the fascia compartment is usually painful. In anterior compartment syndrome, this involves the muscles that are on front of the leg. The most common reason behind this problem is what is known as overstriding. In this the runner is striking the ground with their leading leg too far in front of the body. To lower the foot to the ground, the anterior leg muscles need to work harder. As they work harder, the muscles expand and if the fascia doesn’t allow it, then this results in being painful. It will only be painful when running and won’t be painful when not running. The easiest method to deal with anterior compartment syndrome to use approaches for the runner to shorten their stride length so that the front foot isn’t going to contact the ground too far ahead of the body when running.

Himalayan Salt – A Natural Remedy for the Skin and Body

Himalayan salt is a part of the natural and medicinal lore of the world. It has been used as an ingredient in traditional and modern medicines for centuries.

The first human use of Himalayan salt dates back to the early era of mankind and is believed to have been used to treat fevers. In a way, this is true as it has been used to treat a variety of diseases. Its healing properties are attributed to its ability to stimulate the body’s immune system and thereby suppressing the possibility of infection.

Even though this has proved to be an effective remedy for all kinds of ailments, it is extremely popular amongst people, especially women, who wish to improve their skin and other various health concerns. Himalayan salt is an excellent way to maintain skin clear and firm.

Himalayan salt is available in various parts of the world. In particular, it is usually mined from Himalayan mountain regions. From a distance, it may seem difficult to tell whether it is this mineral or the powder used to make it that you are looking at.

If you visit a Himalayan salt factory, you will find that it is most commonly prepared using pink salt. You can even buy it in the shape of a white powder. However, if you are unsure which is which, it is best to choose the pink salt since it is considered the most pure.

When Pink Himalayan salt is prepared, it is infused with fennel seeds. This addition is essential in maintaining the smoothness of the grains. Even if the texture of the salt does not change, the taste can be improved by adding one or two more of these seeds.

One of the natural property of this mineral is its ability to neutralize the alkaline power of the body. This prevents excess acidity and helps to treat any kinds of skin disorders.

In addition, this mineral helps in weight loss by strengthening the digestive system. Its cleansing action helps in eliminating toxins. Besides, this mineral enhances the levels of vitamin B.

If you suffer from any sort of mental or physical problems, you can use this mineral in order to combat any type of mental problem. Since it is composed of magnesium, it strengthens the blood circulation and thus allows the proper functioning of the nervous system.

However, since it is in the form of a powder, you should never mix it with salt to avoid adverse effects. The crystals that form in the sea cannot be seen when used as a supplement.

If you wish to get maximum benefits from this mineral, then you can add it to your regular diet, which is based on herbs and foods rich in calcium and vitamins. This can help in promoting healthy skin and hair as well as strengthening the immune system.

Green Tea Benefits – You Must Read

Benefits of Green Tea lies in catechin polyphenols, particularly something called epigallocatechin gallate. And believe me, after I’ve found all the benefits of green tea, I get a completely different feeling every time I drink it.

The specialist doctor always tells us that we must always be careful higher than ourselves if we want to live a longer life. It has changed into a drink very popular just lately mainly due to media reports about the health benefits.  If you are looking to buy hemp tea in the UK then you can explore this source.

It is known for how strong antioxidant properties and how it works in preventing disease. Chinese tea has been consumed for hundreds of years for healing abilities and uses them to deal with a severe headache and even to help prevent cancer.

Happy Tea Zen Punch

There are a number of benefits of green tea


It is an undeniable fact that many individuals have been selected to succeed him for his morning cup of coffee. By swallowing inexperienced tea every day can help the body’s thermogenesis process with regard to how quickly energy is burned.

Most combat cancer

Green tea also consists of antioxidants that can stop some types of cancer. It is most known for its antioxidant properties and the sturdy way how it works in the fight against the disease. Analysis has shown that it is even efficient to prevent some types of cancer.

LDL Cholesterol

Little question you have heard about the tea and welfare benefit from the expertise you could swallow it. It also increases levels of good HDL cholesterol in our bodies. Thereby reducing blood clotting in the blood vessels as the catechins in green tea reduces LDL.

Healthy Snacks for Good Health

Many people believe that eating healthy food can be a challenging process. If you replace your junk or unbiased food with healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, healthy snacks, and other things, it will promote a healthy life.

Most people make snacks at home with fresh and healthy ingredients. You can get these snacks from the market or you can buy healthy snacks online (also known as “ซื้อของว่างเพื่อสุขภาพออนไลน์” in the Thai language). 

There are so many deep-fried and unhealthy options available in the markets, vending machines, and stores, it may seem hard to resist the junk and go for healthy options.

There are various healthy options like:-

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1. A whole-grain option will allow you to continue eating the foods you love and good for your health and life.

2. There are various snacks that are made up of fruits and vegetables. These snacks are tasty as well as healthy.

3. Celery snacks are one of the healthy snacks that are very popular among people these days.

4. If you are fond of sweets such as chocolates, you can add dark chocolate in your diet because dark chocolate is good for health.

5. If you like soda that contains high calories, you can replace that with fruit juices with no sugar or low sugar.

Making a balanced snack part of one’s daily routine will help you in overcoming obesity and health problems. So, if you want to live a healthy life, add healthy snacks, fruits, and vegetables in your diet.

Bruxism Or Teeth Grinding – How Serious Is It?

Bruxism or Teeth grinding is an abnormal human behavior wherein the human being gnashes, grinds or clenches his teeth in a habitual manner. Both the adults and children are affected by this.

It has been assessed that the number of persons affected by bruxism is between 30M and 40M and this includes both children and adults. This habit can occur both in the day and the night.

It occurs in children mostly in the night when the individual is fully asleep whereas the adults get affected both during day and night. You can easily get the best botox treatment for teeth grinding.

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The individual is conscious of this habit when it occurs during the day whereas they hardly realize it when it occurs during sleep. This sleep-related bruxism is also known as nocturnal bruxism.

This habit of grinding the teeth occurs in children mostly during the night whereas in the adults this could occur both in the day and night. If this habit is severe it could fracture dental fillings or cause damage to the tooth.

The symptoms and signs of teeth grinding are – tooth wear out, tooth flattening, tooth chipping, tooth sensitivity, tooth pain and looseness, tooth enamel wear out, restricted jaw movement, eating disorders, unsightly creasing in the mouth corners, earache, facial pain, headache, jaw pain, depression, insomnia, etc.

What is the plantar plate?

The plantar plate is a fibrous like structure that is situated on the bottom side of the metatarsophalangeals (toe) joints of the foot. Anatomically these are just like the meniscus within the knee meaning these are meant to withstand lots of compressive forces and retain the joint surfaces. It is a a thickening of the underside of the capsule that is all around that joint to keep the joint fluid inside the joint. The vast majority of fibers inside it are oriented longitudinally in the similar direction as the foot points, so it could hold up against a lot of tension forces. The collateral ligaments on both edges of the joint also connect to the plantar plate, to help give the joint improved stability. The function of the plantar plate is to support the weight of the body and restricts dorsiflexion at the metatarsophalangeal joint.

Since this plantar plate is made to tolerate those great forces, from time to time the forces can be so great or the ligament weakens for many different causes, it may end up painful or even have a tiny split in it. This is not ordinarily something which comes about suddenly and builds up gradually with time. The pain sensation is frequently on weightbearing underneath the joint at the base of the toe. Palpation of this region is usually fairly painful if there is a plantar plate tear. Usually the diagnosis might be verified by having an ultrasound examination. In the past the signs and symptoms could possibly have just been disregarded as a metatarsalgia which is not really a diagnosis and just implies pain across the metatarsals. Currently much more is understood regarding this plantar plate and just how it produces symptoms, the procedure could be far better directed to correct it. The key to solving this problem is to relieve force on the plantar plate and to do this the toe should be kept in a plantarflexed location with strapping. This usually takes care of most all cases.

Adapt To Invisalign Treatment For Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening previously known to be a painful process for the use of metal braces. But with the invention of Invisalign treatment has been put an end to this dilemma.

Invisalign tooth straightening process of brand use practically invisible aligners that are placed over the teeth, this is easily removable and do not interfere in your daily activities such as traditional braces.

It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is so advanced that it is painless and does not hamper the patient’s daily activities. The aim of this but still that is equal to straighten and align the structure of the teeth and make them look pleasing to the eye. You can easily get the best treatment of invisalign in Portland.

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Many people are worried about choosing to teeth straightening treatment because they feel traditional metal braces are the only way out. An effective alternative of aligners seen no need to worry about the pain or the appearance of the teeth because of it practically invisible.

Center cosmetic dentistry and dentists have been tried and tested this treatment and recommend it to their patients. Straightening teeth have undergone drastic changes with Invisalign treatment. The time duration for this treatment varies from case to case and can range from 9 to 15 months.

You can monitor the repair themselves week after week. This treatment costs may appear to be a concern for you, but with the promising results of this technique are known, it will be worth your money.

Have you tried the Archies Arch Support Flip Flops?

The ever more popular brand name of footwear, the Archies Arch Support Thongs were created by a physical therapist coming from Melbourne, Australia. Around Australia they call ‘thongs’ what the rest of the world calls ‘flip flops’ which can result in a lot of confusion and some humour as in Australia thongs does not refer to a skimpy piece of under garments. This type of footwear provides a great option to flat thongs and sandals, while at the same time offering some good orthotic type arch support and are extremely comfortable. The height of arch support they have is very a lot like what you can buy in the pharmacy in the retail kind of arch supports. Therefore they could easily be used as an alternative to foot orthotics or as an adjunct to foot orthotics if you can’t wear the foot orthotics. In the event you wear foot orthotics but find it too difficult while in the warmer weather climates to wear your foot supports as much as you ought to, then the Archies can be a answer for this issue.

Most of the people who use them simply enjoy using Archies thongs around the home to save walking on hard tiles or floorboards. The Archies Arch Support Thongs are available in a variety of sizes, colours and they are ultra-lightweight and are also considered high on fashion and desirability. This type of footwear is really consistent with the lifestyle in Australia. They can be bought over the internet and quite a few podiatry and physiotherapy clinics are also stocking them because they are selling that well. Many of these clinicians which sell these thongs frequently remark that pretty much anybody who will try on a pair purchases them because they’re that comfortable. It is frequently telling that these clinicians, their employees as well as their families who have some and like them so much. Those that use them like them. Even though the product started in Australia, it is now distributing internationally.