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Bed Bug Proofing Your Home – Prevention Tips

If you have made a surprising discovery of bugs in your bed you may be frantically searching for a way to get rid of Bed Bugs. A common first reaction is to immediately burn or dispose of your mattress, but if you can not financially buy a new bed do not worry there are ways to remove it but it will take persistence on your part.

Bedbugs are not picky they will occupy even the cleanest of the bed. They do not care who they bite as long as they eat! They are very difficult to see with the naked eye but can be seen. One of the things to have on hand is the right vacuum cleaner. Also, you must have a bed bug killer on your part to immediately prevent them from infesting. You can also purchase a natural bed bug killer at

You will need to use your vacuum cleaner to remove these nasty bugs. It may take some dust runs before the bugs will be completely removed. You will want to vacuum your bed, pillows, and furniture. Alcohol will kill them on contact but often require additional treatment. These pests eat from the blood, your blood, so the sooner you learn How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs better!

It is recommended that you do not sleep in a bed that is exposed until it has been thoroughly cleaned with an alcohol solution. It may take more than one spray with alcohol. To prevent re-infestation make sure to carefully wash all the bags in the evening when you return from a trip outside the city, including a bag of children.