Bruxism Or Teeth Grinding – How Serious Is It?

Bruxism or Teeth grinding is an abnormal human behavior wherein the human being gnashes, grinds or clenches his teeth in a habitual manner. Both the adults and children are affected by this.

It has been assessed that the number of persons affected by bruxism is between 30M and 40M and this includes both children and adults. This habit can occur both in the day and the night.

It occurs in children mostly in the night when the individual is fully asleep whereas the adults get affected both during day and night. You can easily get the best botox treatment for teeth grinding.

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The individual is conscious of this habit when it occurs during the day whereas they hardly realize it when it occurs during sleep. This sleep-related bruxism is also known as nocturnal bruxism.

This habit of grinding the teeth occurs in children mostly during the night whereas in the adults this could occur both in the day and night. If this habit is severe it could fracture dental fillings or cause damage to the tooth.

The symptoms and signs of teeth grinding are – tooth wear out, tooth flattening, tooth chipping, tooth sensitivity, tooth pain and looseness, tooth enamel wear out, restricted jaw movement, eating disorders, unsightly creasing in the mouth corners, earache, facial pain, headache, jaw pain, depression, insomnia, etc.

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