How To Maintain Your Wood Batten Floor

The life of a wood batten floor is based on two aspects. The first is the type of wood used on the top and another is how you take care of your floor.

Always use the best wood cleaning products. It’s better if you ask a professional, especially the floor builders to understand which products are suitable for the wood battens floor. 

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Here are some tips to maintain your wood batten floors:

  • Clean the surface when it is completely free of obstacles. When moving items around like heavy furniture, be sure to pick up the item rather than drag on the surface of the wood.
  • The biggest mistake that has the capacity to harm the durability of this wood, is using an excessive amount of water. A damp mop is important to mop the floor.
  • Sponge cleaning appears to work well on the wood floor, though you likely can’t do it quite often. But at least once a month, use a moist sponge to wash your wood battens flooring completely.
  • Too vigorous cleaning can damage your wood. Hence you have to take certain preventative measures to keep the beauty of your flooring. Don’t let water collect anywhere since this will cause damage. 
  • It is suggested to put doormats in the entry and exit of the room. These mats do wonders in bringing dirt that could otherwise damage the wood floor.

With the few tips outlined above, you can enjoy a beautiful and polished wood batten floor for the longest time.

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