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Security Bags: Why A Tamper Evident Seal Is So Important

For anyone who is unfamiliar with security bags, you may not be experienced with many of the more important elements seen on them.

Many of these features, such as a tamper-evident seal, perform a very specialized purpose and when omitted could leave your valuables exposed to tampering. This article will explain the value of these seals and why your business should always have them present on your clear evidence & inmate property bags


They are a special adhesive strip which enables any attempts at tampering to be clearly showcased. They are available in several designs (I’ve seen yellow, blue, red, etc.) and thicknesses.

What makes these seals so special is that any attempt to open or tamper with them will result in the tape displaying and quite literally declaring “TAMPERED WITH” or “VOID”.

An even more sophisticated type is called a thermochromatic seal. One advanced method thieves use to tamper with security bags is to freeze or melt the adhesive and reseal it as soon as the contents have been tampered with or otherwise removed. When a thermochromatic tape is present and this method is used, the seal will end up distorted or change colors, clearly showing it’s been tampered with.

These seals are quite specialized and may not be suitable for bags that are subject to contact with extreme temperatures on a normal basis.