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How to Pack for a Hostel Stay?


In a hostel, you don’t have too much space to put huge suitcases and bags full of your clothes. So, you have to be smart about the things you carry and the way you pack. Here are some tips that you can use to pack smartly during your hostel stay.

Small Things – Carry small versions of everything. For example, instead of a big shampoo bottle, carry a travel-sized shampoo. The same can be done with other essentials like soaps, deodorants, edibles, etc. You will save a lot of space in your bag and these travel-sized things are easily available.

Backpack – This is one of the main things you need to have – a good backpack. Go for a good haversack that you can easily carry. The best things about such bags are that it has many small compartments that let you store many things. And since you can carry them on your back, it becomes all the more convenient.

Disposable Things – get things that you can use once or twice and throw them away. This will save you a lot of space and you’ll be travelling virtually any hassle and excess free.

Shop Local Clothes – Clothes are the biggest weight people carry. There’s no need for that. When you go to a place, you can buy a shop for some cheap local clothes like t-shirts and shorts. Once done using them, you can donate them.

Hostels in Indonesia provide enough space to carry a decent amount of luggage, so if you like to travel with a lot of things, you can try these hostels.