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An Easy How to Guide for Swimming Pool Maintenance

The pool is a great center of entertainment, fun, and sport for you, your family and friends. You take pride in having a pool, so you want to be healthy, clean, and beautiful throughout the pool season.

Following this easy how-to guide for the maintenance of the pool can save tons of money on hiring professional swimming pool maintenance clothing. You can also search online to get the services of pool maintenance in long island.

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Step 1

Proper maintenance of the swimming pool requires weekly water testing with a simple test kit. Your water should be properly balanced to ensure the pool is safe for swimmers. This will keep the water free dangerous bacteria that could potentially cause disease, algae and other microorganisms.

Step 2

To reduce the number of chemicals you need to add, make sure your pool water is closed when the pool is not in use. It is highly, but often overlooked, a step that good maintenance of swimming pools. This can prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, which can introduce harmful contaminants in your water, making the rest of your job that much harder.

Step 3

You need to get rid of your pool water from dirt, leaves, branches, bugs, and debris potentially other disease-carrying every day. Skim your water every day, and inspect and clean your pool filter at least weekly. It will continue to run efficiently and prolong its life, saving more money down the road.