Things You Should Know About Centrifugal Fans

Fans are used everywhere, in commercial, household, and industrial applications such as in ventilators, refrigeration, collecting dust, and so on. A Centrifugal Fan is one of the categories/types of Mechanical fans that are easily available in the market and widely used these days.  

You can get the best Centrifugal fans (also known as “สุดยอดแฟน ๆ แบบแรงเหวี่ยง” in the Thai language) in offline or online markets. But you should know some important things when buying centrifugal fans.

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Things to know about Centrifugal Fans:

1) These fans were invented in 1832 by a Russian military engineer. These fans have 6 different types of wheels that are used to pull and push air and discharge it at an angle of 90 degrees.

2) These fans are designed with different shapes of blades. The configuration of the blades determines the operation of the fan.

3) The blades of these fans can be curved in different directions such as convex or concave or they can be straight according to the requirement.

4) These fans are widely used in heavy environments because they generate high pressures as the air moves outside from the central hub to the tips of the blade.

5) To determine the most suitable design of these fans, there should be accurate measurements of the pressures and volumes of the air.

So, we can say that Centrifugal fans are necessary for all industrial applications that require the movement of the air in the building. You must use these fans if you want a comfortable working environment.

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