Top Things to Experience in Japan


Considered to be one of the finest destinations in the world is Japan. During your time in Japan, you will be eating weird-looking yet delicious food, learn new things, get mesmerized by looking at the futuristic skyscrapers and more. If you’re ready to travel to Japan and wish to experience the top things, then these are a few helpful ones you must do.

  1. Experience Onsen – The list starts off with Onsen. It is a weird form of experiencing a hot spring bath by being nude in front of other naked people. You are bound to feel a little weird however, after a while everything starts to feel normal. Ensure you first take a shower before experiencing onsen.
  2. Watch Sumo Wrestling – Sumo wrestling is the national sport of Japan. Massive sized men compete with one another to push each other out of a circular ring. If you wish to experience watching this sport, then you need to book your tickets in advance.
  3. Ryokan for at least a Night – Instead of staying in fancy hotels in Japan, try spending a night in a traditional Japanese hotel called Ryokan. The concept is simple, you get to live inside a room comprising of minimalistic things which are a chair and table. After all, going minimalistic helps you to appreciate the things that you have in your life.
  4. Watch Geisha Dance – Dancers perform this form of dance by wearing traditional beautiful clothes. It’s the best way to end the day.

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