Understanding the Importance of Timber Cladding

Timber buildings consume large materials along with energy and other resources. It produces a significant environmental impact during construction. The goal of an environmentally friendly and responsible building is to consume fewer resources and particularly less energy and to minimize adverse environmental impacts.

Timber woods can generate the highest and optimal level performances. It has a low weight and yet high density. For more details, you can check this out. The use of timber throughout the building is a good choice: 

Natural– Timber is one of the natural building materials. It does not leak chemical vapors into the building and is safe in handling and touching.

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Renewable– People have been using timber for thousands of years. As long as new trees are planted and replace those that are harvested and the wood will continue to be available.

Easily available – Timber is milled throughout the world and is often used to close to where it is being produced. It encourages the local economy and reduces the energy required to transport material for long distances.

Apart from the aesthetic advantages, timber cladding is lightweight and makes handling and transportation simple and easy. It is used in combination with insulation and reduces heating costs and provides a more comfortable interior.

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